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WC #2 – Waterloo

Hot, dry, and dusty wouldn’t have been my guess for the conditions in Wisconsin for the second world cup if you had asked me a few months ago, but we have some proper norcal conditions on tap. 1.5G Men Elite 1.1G Women Elite    

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WC #1 – Jingle Cross Iowa City

Looks like we’re back up and running this year with the first world cup of the season. I’ve been staying off the interwebs the last few days to avoid the spoilers and hope you all managed as well! We’ve got both the mens and womens races in HD here:   Elite Men – 1.4G stream […]

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2016 European Championships

Hey all – was a muddy weekend of racing here for us in norcal but conditions look great for the euro champs! Just the mens race here, looks like good quality though. http://cx.is.srs.biz/movies/European_Championship_2016_CycloCross_Men_%5bEurosportHD%5d%5bSWE%5d.mp4

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World Cup #3 – Valkenburg

Hey all, I’ve got HD webrips here of both races. Looks like the weather is beginning to turn cross-like over there in the Netherlands so hopefully we see more muddy racing in the coming weeks!   http://cx.is.srs.biz/movies/Elite%20Men%202016-17%20Telenet%20UCI%20Cyclo-cross%20World%20Cup%20%e2%80%93%20Valkenburg%20(NED).mp4   http://cx.is.srs.biz/movies/Elite%20Women%202016-17%20Telenet%20UCI%20Cyclo-cross%20World%20Cup%20%e2%80%93%20Valkenburg%20(NED).mp4  

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Brico Cross #3 – Kruibeke / Superprestige #2 – Zonhoven

An old favorite and a relative new course here for this weekends’ racing! Zonhoven is one of the classics featuring the ever treacherous sandy downhills that always claim a few riders! Both movies are pretty low bitrate but I will gladly take them over no coverage!   http://cx.is.srs.biz/movies/%20Brico%20Cross%20Kruibeke%202016.mp4   http://cx.is.srs.biz/movies/Superprestige_2016-17-Round_2-Zonhoven.mp4

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Brico Cross #2 – Meulebeke

Just one race this weekend, and it’s a smaller one from the new Brico Cross series at a new venue! This is a sorta HD webrip so not great quality but still a good looking race. Enjoy!   1G webrip

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Superprestige #1 – Gieten

Hey all – this one is a little late but the coverage looks really good! I could only find this Dutch feed for the race for now but will update with sporza or uci webrips if I can come across those for those of you that prefer the english or belgian commentators ^_^ I ended […]

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WC #2 – Jingle Cross

Looks like an awesome muddy course for World Cup #2 in Iowa City! Really doesn’t look too far off from what we see in Belgium aside from maybe a bit of the mud this soon in the season Mens – 1.5G Womens – 1.2G  

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WC #1 – Cross Vegas!

Well it’s the second year in a row that I’ve skipped out on cross vegas/interbike and I don’t miss it one bit! Okay maybe just a little… Anyhow hope you guys were able to stream the racing live last night, but if not I have you covered! Looks like the quality is really good so […]

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Brico Cross Geraardsbergen 2016

Hey all, first race is in the books and we’re out of the gates! Not sure what’s up with the 70s shades that seem to have made a comeback, but I guess it’s still summer out there in Belgium too… 1G SD Webcap link: http://cx.is.srs.biz/movies/Brico%20Cross%20Geraardsbergen%202016.mp4        

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