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Month: November 2017

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DVV verzekeringen trofee – Flandriencross – Hamme

Doubling up this weekend in the mud! Stoked to have this one we’ll see what happens! Mens Elite – 1.7G Womens Elite – 1.5G

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World Cup #5 – Zeven

Super muddy track here for the 5th world cup in Zeven. Super excited to watch these races so I’ll get to it! Mens Elite – 1.4G Womens Elite – 1.2G

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Soudal Classics Round 2 – Jaarmarktcross

Hey guys, this one is from a few weeks ago but I’m sure we’re all jonesin for a new cross race to watch while at the family holiday get togethers so I decided to put it up. Pretty muddy fun looking course and great racing.   Mens Elite – 2.3G Womens Elite – 1.6G  

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World Cup #4 – Bognese

Up next for you guys we have some clear cold muddy conditions here on the Danish coast. The 2019 World Championships will be here so lots of these guys are looking to get a preview besides world cup points and standings.   Elite Mens – 1.4G   Elite Womens – 1.1G  

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Superprestige Round 5 – Gavere

Stoked to have found a new source for the superprestige series so I’ll do what I can to keep getting these!┬áNo commentary just the live sound and race announcer which brings a new feeling to the race! This is definitely the muddiest slippery slugfest so far this year, I’m about halfway through the mens race […]

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Euro Champs – Tabor

I had to pull some trickery to get last weeks Euro champs races but I’ve got some pretty decent coverage of both the mens and womens races. You’ll most likely need to stream these with VLC as I’m unable to watch them on my browser.     Mens HD 2.8G Womens HD 2.4G    

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