October 24, 2016 – cx is srs biz

Day: October 24, 2016


World Cup #3 – Valkenburg

Hey all, I’ve got HD webrips here of both races. Looks like the weather is beginning to turn cross-like over there in the Netherlands so hopefully we see more muddy racing in the coming weeks!   http://cx.is.srs.biz/movies/Elite%20Men%202016-17%20Telenet%20UCI%20Cyclo-cross%20World%20Cup%20%e2%80%93%20Valkenburg%20(NED).mp4   http://cx.is.srs.biz/movies/Elite%20Women%202016-17%20Telenet%20UCI%20Cyclo-cross%20World%20Cup%20%e2%80%93%20Valkenburg%20(NED).mp4  

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